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Fall Vegetable Gardening

Fall Vegetable Gardening by Karla Basallaje, Master Gardener. As we approach fall with its mellow days, cooler nighttime temperatures, and pretty autumn colors of red and gold, our thoughts turn to our fall garden. Even as we are still enduring hot rainless days, it is the perfect time to plan and to plant. The fall vegetable garden offers a great opportunity to repeat successful spring and early summer plantings or to re-try an attempted but failed crop. We learn by our mistakes! So whether we need to change… Read More →

Fall Tomatoes – Part 2

Fall Tomatoes – Part 2 by Byron Chitwood, Master Gardener. You can still make a fall crop of tomatoes in your garden. For best results, they should be planted in July. Depending on variety, they take 60 to 90 days to produce. Start garden plants from transplants that you purchase through your favorite nursery if available. Start indoors with seeds or cuttings from some of your favorite spring tomatoes. After planting in the garden, protect them from direct sun by shading with shingles or cardboard. Keep the ground… Read More →

Fall Tomatoes

Fall Tomatoes by Byron Chitwood, Master Gardener. It might sound like it is too early to plant fall tomatoes, especially when the ones that were planted in the spring are at the height of their production. However, if fall tomatoes are expected to mature before the frost gets them, they should be planted now or very soon. Unfortunately, not many transplants are available this time of the year, but if you are lucky enough to find some, buy and plant them as soon as possible. They will require… Read More →


Turfgrass by Karla Basallaje, Master Gardener. Because it serves so many purposes and provides many benefits, it is easy to forget that turfgrass is likely the largest plant in your garden. Not only does it provide your home with curb-appeal, it controls soil erosion and runoff; it limits dust and noise, as well as helping to dissipate heat. As with other plants in your garden, they need care; more specifically, your lawn needs to be mowed, watered and fed. Ideally, it would make sense to start with a… Read More →