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Potatoes and Onions

Potatoes and Onions by Karla Basallaje, Master Gardener. As you peruse seed catalogs and start to plan your gardens for the upcoming year, remember there are some vegetables you can start planting now. Potatoes and onions are planted at about the same time in our zone with seed potatoes and onion bulbs available for planting now in January and February. Although they are not suited for companion planting they are awesome companions in the kitchen! Whether roasted, baked, sautéed or fried, potatoes and onions make spectacular partners in… Read More →

Spring Planting

Spring Planting by Wayne Bowman, Master Gardener. “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” ~ Mark Twain Aside from the effects of Brother Clement’s weather, it’s never too early to plan this year’s garden. In our part of the country, we’re somewhere around six to eight weeks from the average date of the last frost. Note, I said AVERAGE! Last frost dates jump around like a cat on a hot stove. Last frosts have occured… Read More →

Winterizing Your Garden

Winterizing Your Garden by Wayne Bowman, Master Gardener. Thalassa Cruso reminds us that “Fall is not the end of the gardening year; it is the start of next year’s growing season.” By the time you read this, it’s likely that we’ve already experienced our first frost in North Texas. Time to turn out the lights in the garden; summer’s party is over. You’ve coaxed the final tomato from the vine and your neighbors and relatives no longer smile when you say the word “squash”. An excellent time to… Read More →

Winter Planting of Onions, Garlic and Leeks

Winter Planting of Onions, Garlic and Leeks by Byron Chitwood, Master Gardener Although onions, garlic and leeks have been around for a long time, it is not really known where they originated. Archaeologists have found evidence that they have been used as a food source through cultivation for at least 7,000 years. No doubt, the early hunter-gatherers foraged for them in the wild along with anything else growing wild that could be eaten. The earliest evidence of domestication and cultivation has been found in China, Asia and Persia…. Read More →

Planting Garlic

PLANTING GARLIC by Karla Basallaje. Garlic (Allium Sativum), is in the amaryllis family and is native to central Asia. There are two types of garlic, the hardneck variety (the bolting type) and the softneck variety (the non-bolting type). Bolting refers to the production of a flower stalk and bulbil, in this case. Garlic is considered by many, as an easy crop to grow; however, it is best to remember the basics: know your soil, your climate and location. Choose a sunny spot to grow your garlic, most growers… Read More →

Summer Vegetable Gardening

Summer Vegetable Gardening by Karla Basallaje, Master Gardener. Hot Texas summers do not necessarily signal the end of our time in the garden.  There are a variety of vegetables that can be sown from April through early May for harvest in the summer.  In addition, some of these vegetables can be planted on a staggered schedule to reap a continuous harvest throughout the summer.   The goal is to keep your garden growing and producing fresh harvests.  Planting different varieties of the same vegetable can also help make the… Read More →

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening by Wayne Bowman,  Master Gardener. Spring; time to look ahead to planting, growing, and eating our own fresh vegetables.  So, you thought you’d try your hand at raised beds, since you don’t have loads of space.  Great!  First, though, you’ll need to build it, and planning is the key. When planning your raised beds, placement, materials, size, and use must all be considered. Placement:  Just about any nearly flat surface is good.  For many, however, there’s another consideration; the Home Owner Association.  If you live… Read More →

March Vegetable Gardening

March Vegetable Gardening by Byron Chitwood, Master Gardener. If you planted tomatoes, peppers and potatoes before the 14th of March, chances are that the vegetables suffered some frost damage.  I visited with a large nursery in Frisco yesterday and they said that people got in a hurry to plant these sorts of things because of the mild weather we were having.  I did have some tomato plants planted but they were in large pots and I have been putting in our warm garage overnight.  However, my potatoes were… Read More →

Asparagus 2

Asparagus 2 by Byron Chitwood, Master Gardener. If you would like to plan an Asparagus bed, now is the time to get started.  This article will discuss a limited size bed which should eventually produce enough for a family of four by the third year after planting.  The site for this new bed should have full sunshine or as much during the day as possible.  It should be in a well drained area and have access to a water supply.  Wild creatures such as rabbits and squirrels don’t… Read More →

Late Fall Vegetables

LATE FALL VEGETABLES – Byron Chitwood After our hot summers, we are all looking forward for a change to a cool fall.  With this cooler weather coming on, now is the time to plan for late fall vegetables in our garden plots.  The first ones that come to mind are turnips and beets.  Both of these vegetables are prized for both their greens and roots.  Both can be planted from mid- August through the end of September.  After cleanup of the spaces allocated for the two vegetables, till… Read More →