Texas Volunteer System Instructions

For Texas Master Gardeners and Master Gardener Interns only.

Go to:  https://texas.volunteersystem.org

This page will display:

Click on New User? Password Problems?

The following screen will display.

Enter your email in the ‘E-Mail Address:’ box and click “Receive e-mail to

access portal”.  Then, this screen will display:

Within a few minutes, you should receive the following email:

You can click on the first link, Access Master Gardener Volunteer

Management System, to log yourself in.

(An alternate method is to log-in from the very first screen using your email

and temporary password contained in the email)

Logging-in will take you to the Home Page:

Once you are logged in, you can then go to “Edit Your Profile” in the left

column of that page, change your password and update any other information.

To enter your volunteer hours, click on ‘Add New Hours’ in the left column.

That will take you to the ‘Add Volunteer Hours’ page:

Add an event description and date.  Select an appropriate Project category

in the ‘Apply to Project’ drop down.  Enter miles driven (if any), and whether

these are Volunteer or Continuing Education hours.  If the program was for

a group, enter the demographic information about your audience.  If there

are multiple presenters, the committee chair (if a committee event) should

enter this information.  If this is not a committee event, presenters should

decide in advance who will enter this information.

Make sure to click the ‘Save Hours’ box.


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