Bluebonnet Seeds Are Available!

Sharing information from the Upper Sabine Soil and Water Conservation District:

Bluebonnet Seeds are on sale now with Upper Sabine Soil and Water Conservation District!

The Upper Sabine Soil & Water Conservation District is happy to once again make bluebonnet seed available to the public for purchase so that everyone can enjoy these beautiful flowers, next spring. Upper Sabine Soil and Water Conservation District will be selling seed until October 31. The Upper Sabine Soil and Water Conservation District will offer 1 pound and ½ pounds bags. The cost for one pound of seed is $35.00 including tax and will cover an area of approximately one thousand square feet or $20.00 for a half pound which will cover approximately 500 square feet. An acre requires 20 to 30 pounds.

Fall is the time for planting Bluebonnets to enjoy next Spring. Plant seeds now through mid-November to allow seeds to germinate and achieve best results. Soil preparation is not necessary, but direct seed to soil contact is necessary for a strong root system. This soil contact is one of the most important keys to the success of planting Bluebonnets. After seeding, cover seeds with soil no more than ¼ inch deep to protect seeds from birds and being “baked” by the sun. Water thoroughly and keep lightly watered for the first 3 weeks if rain is not present. Fertilizing is not recommended as it only produced more leaves not blooms. Flowering period is about a month, with first blooms appearing between the end of March and first of May in North East Texas. Allow two weeks after the full bloom for seeds to develop. Mow, when the dead brown foliage offsets the floral display, to aid in seed dispersal and reduce weed and grasses competition. Bluebonnet seeds are hard-coated seeds that have to be worn down by the environmental forces for seedlings to sprout. This process can take over 18 months or more so germination rates may be low the first year or two.

If you are interested in purchasing the seed, you may call 903-455-6212 Ext. 3 and make arrangements to pick up the seed or simply stop by the USDA Service Center at 2206 Traders Road behind the Wal-Mart Super Center, in Greenville, 8:00-4:30, Monday thru Friday.

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