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Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse Gardening by June Morgan With the often extreme temperatures in our northeast region, even greenhouse gardening can be a challenge unless one is willing to pay large heating and air conditioning bills in order to keep optimal temperatures throughout the year. But good planning and reasonable expectations can help overcome the problems of utilizing what can be a considerable investment of money and time. When planning a greenhouse, make watering easier with a centrally located raised spigot, a coiled hose with a mister attachment. Use wire shelving… Read More →


Greenhouses by June Morgan The growing of plants in a covered house or artificial conditions is essentially a northern hemisphere phenomenon, and the first attempts go back to early classical times. At first were only simple unheated orangeries for protecting citrus fruit, but by the 17th century these had reached a fair degree of perfection. The unheated orangeries were followed by conservatories for protecting tender plants and became the greenhouses of today. The three major types of greenhouses are the lean-to, the attached and the freestanding. The lean-to… Read More →