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Bird Feeding in Winter

Bird Feeding in Winter by Dave White. We spend many hours watching and enjoying the numerous species of birds that visit our yard every day. They provide unlimited entertainment, color, activity and music. Some of the native birds frequenting our yard are finches, cardinals, titmice, bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches, flycatchers, wrens, woodpeckers and crows. There are also many other species who stay for short periods when migrating through our area as they travel to and from their summer and winter destinations. Everyone can experience the same enjoyment by doing… Read More →

Bring on the Blues

Bring on the Blues by Anita Harris It’s easy to see why bluebirds are among the most treasured and beloved backyard visitors.  With their brilliant colors, musical voices and gentle habits who wouldn’t want to entice these beauties into their backyard?  These harbingers of spring always bring a welcome case of the “blues”. Not only are bluebirds endearing symbols of happiness, peace and hope, they also play a vital environmental role.  With a diet consisting mostly of insects, bluebirds help control harmful pests and reduce the need for… Read More →