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Landscape Trees

Landscape Trees by Karla Basallaje, Master Gardener “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.” No doubt you have read or previously heard this famous couplet by Joyce Kilmer, and without waxing too poetic, or straying too far off topic, I agree with the poet’s sentiment. Trees are spectacular plants offering a wide range of size, color, shape and function, making them a great addition to any landscape design. Before choosing a landscape tree, determine your soil’s drainage and water holding capacity by… Read More →

Bare Rooted Fruit Trees

Bare Rooted Fruit Trees by Wanda Loras, Master Gardener. There is nothing better than a firm, juicy peach or a crisp apple plucked from your very own tree.  If this sounds good to you, start now and in a couple of years it can happen. Bare rooted fruit trees are available in the garden centers now.  They come packed with damp moss or sawdust covered with material to keep the roots moist.  They are less expensive and if planted properly are just as successful as container plants.  Plant… Read More →

Pruning Trees

Pruning Trees by Byron Chitwood There are many reasons to trim or prune landscape trees.  Some of the reasons are as follows: Promotion of plant health.  Some trees do not naturally prune themselves.  Limbs might die and need to be physically removed.  Also some damage might be as a result of storms.  High winds or icing can cause limbs to break.  Unfortunately, the breaks do not occur at places on the branch that are the most desirable. Safety.  Some growth of certain trees can cause hazardous conditions such… Read More →

Pecan Grafting Seminar

Pecan Grafting Seminar by Sara Allen Pecan production is popular in Hunt County in both backyard small orchards, as well as larger orchards. We have had requests recently to host a Pecan Grafting Clinic, and are pleased to be doing so on Thursday, January 15, as part of the Art of Gardening Seminar Series. This seminar will be the first “Art of Gardening Series” seminar for 2015. The program will begin at 6:00 p.m. at the Fletcher Warren Civic Center, 5501 Business Highway 69 South in Greenville. The… Read More →

Planting Trees

Planting Trees by Dave White Fall is the best time to plant trees in the landscape. The cooler temperatures and increased moisture allow the tree to adapt to its new location and establish a healthy root system under less stressful heat and drought conditions. Personally I prefer a container grown tree over a balled and burlap or bare root tree and will focus on this type in this article. With a container grown tree, I know all the tree roots are present and there is less stress in… Read More →

Planting Container Shrubs

Planting Container Shrubs by Wanda Loras Right now is the best time to plant your container shrubs.  The weather is pleasingly warm during the day and the nights are cool and refreshing.  Just like humans, newly planted shrubs love this weather too. September through December is the best planting time because you have 5- 7 months for the roots to grow and strengthen. You may think your shrubs are asleep during the winter months but a lot is happening under the covers.  Plant roots will grow as long… Read More →

Cypress Trees

Cypress Trees by Charles Bohmfalk There are several species of cypress trees that are found around Texas. The most common and well known is the bald cypress.  It is known by several names:  Gulf cypress, red cypress, southern cypress, swamp cypress, white cypress and yellow cypress.  Bald cypress is a member of the Redwood family.  They are native to swamps and rivers in east and central Texas. It can tolerate standing water or rather dry sites once established, but does best in wetter areas.  They prefer acid to… Read More →

Pruning Trees

Pruning Trees by Byron Chitwood There are three reasons for pruning landscape trees.  The first is for the health of the tree.  Both diseases and insects contribute to the decline of a tree.  If damage by one or both of these, the prudent thing to do is remove the diseased or insect infested limbs.  Also as we found out in the most recent ice storm, nature does a lot of trimming of trees with results that are not exactly what we would plan.  Some of the fallen or… Read More →

Preventing Oak Wilt

Preventing Oak Wilt by Byron Chitwood There are many diseases and insects that attack Oak Trees in Texas.  .   One of the most devastating of the diseases is Oak Wilt.  Hunt County has managed to dodge the Oak Wilt problem even though it is as close as Collin County.  Oak wilt will be discussed later in this article but first it is important to recognize some of the more prevalent conditions that attack Oaks and some other trees in our area. The prolonged drought has been an enabler… Read More →

Planting Fruit and Nut Trees

Planting Fruit and Nut Trees by DeAnna Hambly Ah, delicious juicy summer peaches. But wait! It’s November. And most people are thinking about turkey and dressing– not warm summer days and fruit trees swaying in the breeze. True. But because fruit and nut trees have a minimum chilling hours requirement, November is the best time of year to think about planting them. Chilling hours refers to the number of hours a tree needs to spend in approximately 32-40 degree temperatures every year. Depending on what type of tree… Read More →