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Bluebonnets by Madeline Sullivan Everyone loves bluebonnets because they are the Texas state flower and they are beautiful. There are six species of Lupinus in Texas known as bluebonnets, but only two species are endemic to Texas, the Texas bluebonnet and the sandyland bluebonnet. These are the ones that the highway department plants on many roadways for erosion-control and roadside beautification programs. The sandyland bluebonnet was adopted as the state flower in 1901, but because it was not as showy as the Texas bluebonnet, and popular opinion called… Read More →

The Wild Asters of Hunt County

The Wild Asters of Hunt County by Madeline Sullivan There are four types of wild asters in Hunt County:  the heath aster, the Texas aster, the annual aster, and the meadow aster. They come up in the spring and have their leaves and stalks all summer, looking like a small hedge row along the fences and against the house. If you do not know how the asters look in the spring or summer, it is very easy to mow them down since they closely resemble weeds.  In August,… Read More →