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Notable Texas Public Gardens, Continued

Notable Texas Public Gardens, Continued by June Morgan Venturing further from the Greenville area and going east and south are The Tyler Rose Garden, The East Texas Arboretum, The Riverside Nature Center, Peckerwood Garden, The Lynn R. Lowrey Arboretum, The San Antonio Botanical Garden, Moody Gardens, Shangri La Botanical Gardens, Beaumont Botanical Gardens, Mercer Arboretum, and The Houston Arboretum. The Rose Garden Center, with its museum and gift shop, serves as the gateway to the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden and is located at 420 South Rose Park Drive… Read More →

What is a Master Gardener?

What is a Master Gardener? by Byron Chitwood The Texas Master Gardener program is an educational activity offered by the Texas AgriLife Extension Program of the Texas A&M University.  The program is designed to increase the availability of horticultural information and increase the availability of this information throughout the community. Master Gardener prospects are selected for training in an extensive schooling and teaching project that is formulated and presented by the County Agent for Texas AgriLife Extension.  Future Master Gardeners who will be taking this training will be… Read More →

Lamont Cunningham, Master Gardener Emeritus

Lamont Cunningham, Master Gardener Emeritus In academia, a professor who retires after serving his or her University and scholastic discipline long and well may be granted the title Professor Emeritus.  This means that the professor retains an office at the university, has access to university resources, and is accorded a great deal of respect.  Not everyone gets this title.  Actually, few attain it. Master Gardeners are volunteers under the auspices of the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Program, administered by the Texas A&M University System.  There have been a… Read More →

Where We Have Been

Master Gardeners Present Mock Check To Commissioner’s Court Hunt County Master Gardener Association Hunt County Master Gardener Association President Byron Chitwood presents County Judge John Horn with a “mock check” in acknowledgment of the $107,000 of volunteer time contributed by the Master Gardeners to Hunt County in 2009. The presentation was made to the Hunt County Commissioners Court, where the court honored Master Gardeners with a Certificate of Appreciation. Commissioners Court Presentation by Sara Allen, County Extension Agent – Agriculture Hunt County mar5.10.pdf Commissioners Court Presentation 2010 “Art… Read More →

Hunt County Master Gardeners

The Hunt County Master Gardeners are a group of volunteers that assist the Agriculture/Horticulture agent in teaching best practices to consumers.  We will be posting articles on various aspects of horticulture here approximately once a week.  You can always contact us at or call the Extension Office at (903) 455-9885.