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Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies by Byron Chitwood, Master Gardener. Monarch Butterflies reach our area in early to mid spring.  Surprisingly some of these butterflies overwintered in the Mariposa Monarca Biosphere in Mexico. Some of the later spring migration that you witness may be the offspring of earlier ones that migrated from Mexico and reproduced along the way.  There are several other mass migrations of Monarchs, some of which are the ones west of the Rockies and others that overwinter in Florida.  The ones that we see and are interested in… Read More →

Monarchs: From Miracle to Disaster


Butterflies by Madeline Sullivan. Watching butterflies gives you the opportunity to enjoy lovely weather and pretty areas.  Butterflies are at their best on calm, sunny days. In the southern states, some species fly all year round, but most of the time March to October is when you can observe large numbers of different butterflies.  Different species have different times of the year they are active, so walks in spring, midsummer, and fall will usually reveal different butterflies. Here in Hunt County, there are fields and prairies that have… Read More →