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Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets by June Morgan, Master Gardener. Hanging baskets can add much to the outdoor porch and deck summer decor, but it can be a challenge to keep them looking their best. Proper siting, basket design and proper watering are key elements of good management. The best setting is a protected area which allows sunlight from above or the sides such as a deck canopy out of the strong winds which will tear the plants apart.  In contrast to the ordinary solid plastic container, the larger mesh basket… Read More →

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised Bed Gardening by Wayne Bowman,  Master Gardener. Spring; time to look ahead to planting, growing, and eating our own fresh vegetables.  So, you thought you’d try your hand at raised beds, since you don’t have loads of space.  Great!  First, though, you’ll need to build it, and planning is the key. When planning your raised beds, placement, materials, size, and use must all be considered. Placement:  Just about any nearly flat surface is good.  For many, however, there’s another consideration; the Home Owner Association.  If you live… Read More →

Water Wise Ways

Water Wise Ways by Byron Chitwood We are currently out of the woods on water supply and soil moisture compared to what we have been through in the past.  However, knowing Texas and the hot summers, there is no time to conserve like the present.  We might need to do that in the present. First of all some facts are that agriculture and water management are a global issue.  The population is increasing while the supply of water worldwide remains about stable.  Less than 3% of the world’s… Read More →

eGardening Newsletter for April

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening by Byron Chitwood Some good advice for a person who is thinking about starting a vegetable garden is to start small and gradually increase the size until you have reached your tolerance level for taking care of one.  There is plenty of tilling, planting, watering and weeding in a small garden that should make you think, can I handle more?  One of the best pieces of advice is to consider a square foot garden. Square foot gardening is an easy way to garden if you… Read More →

Choosing and Maintaining Garden Tools

Choosing and Maintaining Garden Tools by June Morgan January is an excellent time to assess the contents of the gardening shed.  Whether a beginning gardener starting anew or needing to replace old and worn out hand tools, quality should take first consideration.  That, and proper care will add much to the pleasure of gardening. The collection should have at least two spades, one wide bladed for shoveling dirt and compost and a narrow bladed for digging. Add a heavy-tined fork for digging rough ground and a lighter tined… Read More →

Bird Feeding in Winter

Bird Feeding in Winter by Dave White. We spend many hours watching and enjoying the numerous species of birds that visit our yard every day. They provide unlimited entertainment, color, activity and music. Some of the native birds frequenting our yard are finches, cardinals, titmice, bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches, flycatchers, wrens, woodpeckers and crows. There are also many other species who stay for short periods when migrating through our area as they travel to and from their summer and winter destinations. Everyone can experience the same enjoyment by doing… Read More →

eGardening With The Master Gardeners

Using Plants as Holiday Centerpieces

Using Plants as Holiday Centerpieces by June Morgan This is the time to think about centerpieces for the holiday tables.  Catalogs offer glitzy and expensive arrangements, but the savvy gardener can use a lot of what is at home for a do-it-yourself project. For autumn, pumpkins and gourds are indispensible, coming in many colors and striations. Cut pumpkins to use as candle holders or to hold a pot of blooms or greenery. For different heights and lengths of the overall design, use trailing evergreens (please avoid poison ivy… Read More →

Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse Gardening by June Morgan With the often extreme temperatures in our northeast region, even greenhouse gardening can be a challenge unless one is willing to pay large heating and air conditioning bills in order to keep optimal temperatures throughout the year. But good planning and reasonable expectations can help overcome the problems of utilizing what can be a considerable investment of money and time. When planning a greenhouse, make watering easier with a centrally located raised spigot, a coiled hose with a mister attachment. Use wire shelving… Read More →