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eGardening with the Master Gardeners February 2015

eGardening with the Master Gardeners February 2015

Taking the Mystery Out of Rose Pruning

Taking the Mystery Out of Rose Pruning by PJ LaRue Smith The rose bush benefits from pruning in much the same way we benefit from receiving a hair cut.  While removing long, scraggly canes (long hair); or canes that cross one another (split ends); or thinning the bush’s center (thick hair); or cutting out old, corky canes (dry, damaged hair); and cleaning up the rose bed (sweeping up the cut hair) may not be essential to life (either the rose’s or ours), it certainly can improve the overall… Read More →

Rose Rosette Disease

Rose Rosette Disease by PJ LaRue Smith Rose rosette disease (rose witches broom) has been getting more press the last several years in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area due to the increased infection rate noted at several homes and public gardens.  This disease is particularly devastating in that (a) there is no cure, (b) infected bushes must be removed/destroyed, and (c) all roots of infected plants must be dug up before replanting roses in the same location. Symptoms of rose rosette disease include witches broom formation of new growth,… Read More →

Own Root vs. Grafted Root Roses

Own Root vs Grafted Root Roses by PJ LaRue Smith Labeling on roses describes the type, fragrance, planting instructions, and a colorful picture of that particular rose variety.  What the label does not tell you, however, is whether the rose in the package/pot is on its own roots or grafted to another type of rose or rootstock. How can one tell the difference?  Grafted roses have a knot-like structure where the graft was made and it is from this that the canes of the rose variety depicted on… Read More →

Common Rose Diseases

Roses have not always been plagued by disease.  If that were the case, they would not have survived for thousands of years throughout the world as native plants. Man, in his quest for the new and different, has breed much of the disease resistance out of the modern roses we are familiar with today. So what can we do about rose disease?  First, select roses that are known to be disease resistant in this area – Earth Kind™ roses are good examples of those.  This is not to… Read More →

Pruning Roses and Making Cuttings From Them

The 2013 winter season to date has been a roller-coaster ride of warm and cold temperatures, with periods of freezing rain and snow.  Just a typical winter in north Texas, right?  True, except for one distinction – the shifts in temperature have been quick and the temperatures have remained colder, longer.  This scenario, particularly with actively growing plants, causes extreme damage to the stems, and many times the death of a favored perennial. Roses, particularly those that are cold sensitive, do not fare well when this happens.  Plants… Read More →

Pruning Roses

Pruning Roses by PJ LaRue Smith The goal in pruning rose bushes is to improve the health and vigor of the bush.  Removal of dead, diseased, damaged, unproductive, or crossed canes, also assists in disease prevention. Of particular note – a once blooming rose should NOT be pruned until AFTER it blooms in the spring.  Roses that bloom from spring until frost can be pruned before they leaf out completely.  Green canes should be pruned back to healthy, creamy white, wood.  Old garden roses (OGR’s) shrub roses, and… Read More →

EarthKind Roses

EarthKind Roses by PJ LaRue Smith Consulting Rosarians (an American Rose Society certification for those who have extensive knowledge in growing roses) hear one statement more than any other from a rose lover who’s not growing roses, “I have always loved roses, but I just can’t seem to grow them!”  That statement will undoubtedly spur the CR (Consulting Rosarian), to begin asking questions about their previous rose growing attempts.  (i.e. planting location, soil type, problems experienced, etc.)   Before the Earth-Kind® program was established, personal experience was often the… Read More →

Pruning Roses

Pruning Roses by PJ LaRue Smith What is the purpose behind pruning roses?  To improve the health and vigor of the bush by removing dead, diseased, damaged, or unproductive canes and opening the bush up to allow for air flow in order to assist in natural disease prevention.  Understanding these two primary purposes can act as a guide in the technical part of pruning roses. Some exceptions to pruning a rose bush need to be mentioned before proceeding.  If the bush only blooms on old wood (i.e. blooms… Read More →