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Landscape Trees

Landscape Trees by Karla Basallaje, Master Gardener “I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.” No doubt you have read or previously heard this famous couplet by Joyce Kilmer, and without waxing too poetic, or straying too far off topic, I agree with the poet’s sentiment. Trees are spectacular plants offering a wide range of size, color, shape and function, making them a great addition to any landscape design. Before choosing a landscape tree, determine your soil’s drainage and water holding capacity by… Read More →

Gardening with Native Plants

Gardening with Native Plants by PJ LaRue Smith. Landscape designers with an eye toward a more cost efficient, water-wise, landscape for their customers are incorporating more native plants in their designs.  A “native” plant, is one that evolves in a local area with no human intervention, particularly, that it grew in that location prior to European contact.  Such native plants have evolved with animals, fungi, and microbes to form a complex network of relationships.  As such, these plants are the foundation of native ecosystems, or natural communities. Why… Read More →