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Garden Winter Composting

Garden Winter Composting by Byron Chitwood. This is the time of the year when most of the garden vegetable plants have been hit by the first killing frost or freeze.  It is now time to start planning for your spring and late winter garden.  If you are one of those who have the black soil, it is best to keep it amended by adding compostable material. First, pull all the dead vegetable plants that were killed in the frost.  If possible, shred them and one of the easiest… Read More →

Maintaining a Compost Pile

Maintaining a Compost Pile by Kai Kunnapas So you started your compost pile and you are wondering what to do next? The decomposition process is accomplished by micro and macro-organisms and they are sensitive to the levels of moisture, oxygen and temperature in the pile. Of the microorganisms, aerobic bacteria are the most important decomposers. They oxidize organic material, excreting important plant nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous and magnesium into the pile.  Their rapid and efficient work will consume oxygen and heat up the pile. To keep the… Read More →


Compost by Thomas Clark If you take a moment to look up the term compost in a dictionary, you will likely find reference to a mixture of decaying organic matter, such as leaves and manure.  At least that is what I read when I examined the American Heritage Dictionary. If you have a yard with a vegetable garden or flower beds of any size then learning to compost effectively is a worthwhile activity.  I say effectively because we are not talking about rocket science here.  This is basically a process of decay… Read More →